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I need your help to keep Discover Church Online as authentic, Biblically-balanced, and safe as possible. Here are our 9 guidelines:

1. Be supportive. Encourage and support your fellow members. No one here is looking for your criticism, cynicism, unsolicited advice or judgment. (I can get those things on the rest of the Internet).

2. Be constructive. We're here to lift each other up and push each other forward. Find ways to help each other think Biblically, walk in love, and stay humble. A "know-it-all" is no fun to listen to. 

3. Be civil, polite, respectful. Talk to people online just like you would face-to-face. Follow common courtesy and also internet etiquette. You don't need to shout online to be heard. (USING ALL CAPS FOR ALL YOUR MESSAGES IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING.) Learn to stay curious. Entertain a different point of view. Disagree agreeably.

4. Share generously. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

5. Don't be over-sensitive. If you share a suggestion or a contribution (like a song or a piece of art), and it doesn't get used or featured right away, it doesn't mean anyone has rejected you. Let me assure you, you are valuable to me! 

But I, for one, cannot preach every topic and answer every question people demand of me. I am human. Others are too. Give people room and time to consider your idea, art, or song, without the pressure of jumping through a hoop on command. 

6. Do Church As a Team (DCAT). Let me remind you our motto: We are committed to Doing Church As a Team (DCAT) until Jesus comes to be admired by all believers (2 Thes 1:10). Having a likeable personality and getting along with others are necessary to being effective in ministry. 

7. Don’t spam, promote, or troll. Online church exists to help you learn and grow. It’s not a place to spam, promote your business, or bully anyone else. If you have a service or a special revelation that everyone else must hear, you may need to start your own network. 

7.b The purpose of the Discover Church feed is for our message, and we originally made it for only Pastor Cioccolanti’s posts, but then we opened it up for online members to continue the conversation about the sermons we learned. If online members post tangent content, we may have to close the home feed to all. Please respect the home feed like walking into church. You would not start preaching your own mini sermons that have nothing to do with that church family. That would be inappropriate. Likewise you should not post mini sermons, pet doctrines, conspiracy theories that detract from this ministry. If you are soapboxing, everybody else knows it except you. Please consider social and spiritual etiquette and post things that are relevant to our church family’s vision and contribute to our church’s current discourse.

8. Be authentic. Use your real name & real photos. To create a clean community, we do not allow anonymous or fake IDs. Treat each other just like you would if you were meeting in church face-to-face. If someone gave you a fake name face-to-face, you would be offended. Now, don’t give away your social security to a stranger (that’s your personal data if you’re outside of America), but be genuine!

9. Request a refund. If you’ve changed your mind about your DCO membership, you have 48 hours after joining to request and be issued a refund. Please contact to request your cancellation. After 48 hours, a refund request will not be honoured as you’ve had access to the material on the platform.


As Christians, it should be easy to honor God and honor each other. If you think you’ll be unable to abide by these guidelines, or if our moderators finds you are using an imposter name or fake ID, they will be happy to remove you.




Unethical Behaviour. In the event that Discover Ministries determines that Members or any of its Users has violated the above principles, Discover Ministries may notify Members of such unethical behaviours and allow Members a 7 day rectification period to remedy such unethical behaviours. If Member fails to rectify the behaviours in question, then Discover Ministries may terminate or suspend access to the Services for Member or the relevant Users. Irrespective of the rectification period stated above, Discover Ministries reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or suspend access to the Services for Members or the relevant Users, at any time, if immediate action is required to address imminent potential harm or damages.

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