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Discipleship Path - Advanced Level


Discipleship Path courses are available exclusively to online church members.
To gain access to this course, select a monthly subscription. Once you have joined, all courses will be open to you to enrol.

Ready for more extensive study of the Word?

You'll learn 7 topics at the Advanced Level.


End Times

  • The Timeline of the End Times

  • Where Is God During Tragedies

  • 7 Signs of False Prophets



  • The Power of Dreamboard

  • What Holds Us Back from Being Wealthy

  • Financial Traps


People Skills

  • Redeeming the Time & 4 Personalities

  • The Secret to Intimacy

  • Jewish Dating and Parenting



  • The Highest Level of Faith

  • What God Called Trump to Do to Save America

  • 12 Reasons the Bible Should Be Taught in Schools


Creation Science

  • Atheists Don't Exist

  • The Truth About Climate Change and Endangered Species

  • Is God Scientific



  • Living in the Cioccolanti Home

  • Jewish Parenting & Dating

  • Raising End Time Children


Understanding the Enemy (The Devil)

  • Why Did God Create Satan

  • How to Deal With Evil Spirits

  • The Last Church

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