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Discipleship Path - Intermediate Level


Discipleship Path courses are available exclusively to online church members.
To gain access to this course, select a monthly subscription. Once you have joined, all courses will be open to you to enrol.

Go deeper in the Word. You'll learn 5 topics at the Intermediate Level:



  • 19 Healings of Christ

  • How to Keep Your Healing

  • Fast Way to Health


Hearing the Holy Spirit

  • What Christians Get Wrong About Speaking in Tongues

  • Hearing God

  • 6 Common Ways God Speaks to Us



  • The Confession of Faith

  • How to Get Guaranteed Prayer Answers

  • ABCs of Faith


Ministry & Serving

  • Donkey Ministry

  • Finding Your Call

  • Consecrating Yourself to God



  • How to Get Your Family Saved

  • From Buddha to Jesus

  • God of All Nations

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