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Do you want to improve the quality of your life NOW—with no more excuses? Take the challenge of “30 Days to a New You!”


This personal development book is not about copying someone else. When the Creator wants to revolutionize your life, He starts by changing how you see yourself.



- Why some people live with a free spirit, and others seem stuck year after year.

- How to be free from emotional baggage and addictions like substance abuse and porn.

- How to love and be loved.

- What is the crucial step people often miss on their way to reaching their goals.

Steve Cioccolanti is a trusted name in life-skills mentoring and has given people strategies to succeed in the corporate world, church life and personal relationships.


In this honest guide, you have a backstage pass to how he became free from a spirit of rejection, addictions, and other limitations. You will also learn the exact steps he took to grow spiritually and how to apply them.


By following this 30~day plan, you will experience freedom and victory in areas of previous hardship and failure. Take the challenge of “30 days to a new YOU!”



“My relationship with colleagues broke down because of my lack of confidence and fear of failure deep inside...I now speak with my colleagues in confidence and forgave those words they used to hurt me…”

~ Shelley, Australia


“…Your book gave me the stability I needed as a Christian that I was missing before… I’ve read many Christian books on faith and miracles, but…[this] was the first time I…felt like a complete breakthrough…”

~ Josephine, Singapore


“All you said about your father, smoking and poor self-image are the things that are happening in my life. I’ve been following your plan for 2 months. Now my dad and I are close to each other. I don’t have to worry about anything any more because I have Jesus in my life.”

~ Michelle, Mauritius

30 Days to a New You

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