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This personal development message is not about copying what someone else did. When God wants to revolutionize your life, He starts by changing how you see yourself. Discover:

  • Why some people live with a free spirit, and others seem stuck year after year
  • How to be free from emotional baggage and addictions like substance abuse and porn
  • How to be a better lover
  • What is the crucial step people often miss on their way to reaching their goals

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is a trusted name in life-skills mentoring and has given people strategies to succeed in the corporate world, relationships and church life. In this honest guide, you have a backstage pass to how he personally became free from a spirit of rejection, addictions and other limitations. You will also learn the exact steps he took to grow spiritually and how to apply them. By following this 30-day plan, you will experience freedom and victory in areas of previous hardship and failure. Take the challenge of '30 Days to a New YOU!' today.

The Power of Zoe Life Inside You

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