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The sudden rise of ISIS has been followed by a mass migration of Muslim refugees into Europe. Prophecy watchers realise these events coincide with the tetrad or 4 blood moons falling on God’s holy days. Conflicting opinions call this news a humanitarian crisis, illegal immigration, or unwelcome invasion. What does the Bible say about it? Can you trust the mainstream media?

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti puts the immigration crisis in the context of 3 backdrops:
1) The timing of the solar eclipse at the end of Schmittah, signifying an omen to the Gentiles;
2) The history of Europe;
3) The predictions of Daniel.

Never before have the visions of Daniel been so easy to understand. Prophecies are literally happening right now before our very eyes. Watch this video teaching and you will become biblicallyinformed about the immigration issue, its implication on policy making and how near the Kingdom of God may be!

Daniel's Vision Explains The Immigration Crisis

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