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Trump’s Unfinished Business offers Christians and leaders God’s template of justice to fight corruption (the Deep State) and make America godly again. In one book, you will find new applications of God’s commands that can be used to break up the Tech Giants’ monopoly, create a Digital Bill of Rights, reform Family Law, protect children’s rights, enshrine true gender equality, educate our youth with practical life skills, and deal sensibly with Climate Change. 

“We need pastors and preachers to read this book “Trump’s Unfinished Business” and apply the Law of God correctly, and preach it again to America and the world.” 
~ALLAN PARKER, President of The Justice Foundation, 
Lead counsel for Norma McCorvey, formerly “Roe” of Roe v. Wade, and Sandra Cano, formerly “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton

"The insights of this book will provide hope for the future of America and preserve its calling as a lighthouse to the nations during our turbulent times.”
President & CEO of Christ for the Nations

“Steve Cioccolanti has nailed it with ‘Trump’s Unfinished Business.'... [He] is walking into the swamp with this book and showing us how to drain it!”

"The vision contained in Steve Cioccolanti’s book Trump’s Unfinished Business is far-sighted, wide-reaching, and convicting...Cioccolanti encourages Americans to embrace our Christian heritage without changing our divided republic into a theocracy... Cioccolanti is offering the Body of Christ the clearest path to employing the Biblical template to unite us as a nation and avoid civil war.”
Award-winning AuthorPresident of Word Weavers International (FL Chapter)

“Let me say Cioccolanti’s “Trump’s Unfinished Business” is truly excellent. Each chapter adds new insights to the body of knowledge. His analysis of the law is truly impressive and I particularly appreciate his proposals to improve the legal system and the broken family law court. I will be gladly passing this book around to my friends and esteemed colleagues. I highly recommend it.” 
Editor-in-Chief, The Western Australian Jurist
Professor and Head of Law, Sheridan College, Perth 

“In this book, Steve Cioccolanti exposes what has gone wrong, and he recommends solid ideas on how to set them right.... by going back to what is taught in the Bible.” 
Ex-Navy, Serial Entrepreneur, Software Developer, Career Consultant

"Cioccolanti’s book is clearly visionary, well-researched, and will prove a valuable resource...By studying the chapter on education reform, you will learn strategies to reverse the current devolution of our Judeo-Christian heritage by atheistic and humanistic academics. For too long, the Bible has been sidelined in education due to an erroneous application of the principle of ‘separation of church and state.’" 
Founder and Director of Southern Cross Association of Churches 

“Steve Cioccolanti has taken up a subject which I believe is a first... His writing is very thought-provoking, creative and visionary... I would imagine the laws in this book will be very close to the ones Yeshua will set up for the world when He comes to reign... This much-needed book... has come at a time with the Republic of the United States is fighting for its life.”
Pioneer of the Jewish Messianic movement since 1967

Trump's Unfinished Business

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