Clean Social Media

In the age of censorship, it’s crucial to have a Christian social media platform that will allow your voice to be heard. Don’t be silenced by Big Tech. Join a Christian platform where the Gospel is proclaimed.

Serve Online

DCO Members are Activated Christians! We don’t just con-sume material, but we pro-sume, meaning that we put our God-given talents and abilities to work for the Kingdom. No matter your skill-set, there is a place for you within DCO.

Care Groups

We do not neglect meeting together, especially as we see the Day approaching (Heb 10:25). Through video conferencing, DCO members meet every week to connect, worship, and pray. Our 3 Care Groups are time-zone based which means there are plenty of opportunities to meet and fellowship.

Take Courses

In addition to receiving Ps. Steve’s full sermons (not available on YouTube), dive deeper by joining Discipleship Path (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) where you can learn foundational topics along with a group.

Pray Together

Prayer for Nations & Governments occurs on a daily basis. Twice a month DCO gathers together for Power Prayer, an extended prayer time that includes worship.  

Join Communities  

There are four levels of membership: Community Member and Collaborator allow you to access Courses, Online Events, Care Groups, and more. Inner Circle and Lifetime Members are the first to hear about Ps. Steve’s projects, they can send him ideas and questions, and some will be members of Ps. Steve’s personal Prayer Army.


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Every month

First level access to Online Community

 For less than $1/day, access

exclusive Christian posts


Get personalized Activity Feed for special posts and photos

Submit prayer requests and fellowship with other members

Receive push notifications straight to your mobile app

After 3 months, get a 15% off coupon for Discover Bookstore (Please claim with info@discover.org.au once you qualify. Subject "Community Member discount")

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Every month

Second level access to Online Community

✓ For less than $2/day, get exclusive videos & zoom invites


✓ You are more than a member, you are collaborating with us

Discover the joy of being a fully contributing member

Use your gifts for God, convert what you learn into action

Receive exclusive videos or podcasts every month

Discuss what you've been learning and post questions

Access to online support through care groups

Access to prayer groups led by a Discover facilitator

After 2 months, get a 20% off coupon for Discover Bookstore (Please claim with info@discover.org.au once you qualify. Subject “Community Collaborator discount”)

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Every month

Top Tier level access to Online Community

You are joining the top level of online church


You get all the previous rewards PLUS more

You have a chance to be part of my trusted inner circle

You will be the first to hear about my projects

You can send me questions or ideas for a new video

You will be the first group I look to for prayer support

I will invite some of you into my personal Prayer Army

Some of you will be my international rep for ministry

Get a 20% discount coupon right away for Discover Bookstore (Please claim with info@discover.org.au once you qualify. Subject “Community Inner Circle discount”)

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