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Three weekly Care Groups allow DCO members to connect, fellowship, and learn with one another. Join the North & South America, Europe & Africa, or Australia & Asia Care Group.


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DCO members are activated Christians! Through the platform, members are able to use their gifts for the Kingdom.


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Special Session from Ps. Steve Cioccolanti's Care Group


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This is a brief and very exciting testimony about goal-setting. In a special DCO event, we were led in a practical session of setting goals for 2022.


After listening and discussing Ps. Steve’s message on this topic, we spent 15 minutes free-writing any possible goal and desire we had for 2022. In the middle of my free writing, I included, “To meet Ps. Steve in person” (without putting too much thought or hope to it). 


Imagine my surprise when I received a message only a few days later asking if I’d be free to meet Ps. Steve for dinner!


What?? And it happened indeed! 


God is good! And thank you Ps. Steve and Discover Church Online for encouraging us to be intentional with our lives!



                   — Veronika, DCO Member 

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