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Discover Church Online is a new platform for online discipleship. It is an End-Time Network to deliver more Christian content to like-minded believers and a place for people who like me and want to be a part of what I do. 

You will find 3 ministries accessible to members: communities (groups inside online church, much like those you’d find when you belong to an offline church), courses, and counselling. 

There are 3 tiers to our online church community: member, collaborator and inner circle. Join at the level you feel led to. Once in the community, you will have access to my Activity Feed, receive more Christian content, be invited to care groups, prayer groups, volunteer teams, book clubs, etc. It’s a real community of growing believers. You are free to upgrade or cancel any time. 

There are 2 types of courses: Discipleship Path (a 40-week program prerequisite to becoming a leader in this ministry) and Bible Mastery (intensive studies of various topics, much like those you might find in Bible schools). 

There are 3 kinds of counselling by a qualified counselor and/or pastor: Pre-Marital, Marital, and Personal (one-on-one). You must first be an active member of our online church community to request a booking.  

For those who support creators on Patreon, you will see that Discover Church Online is much like Patreon with added benefits. Our platform: 

  1. Filters out trolls. Finally, a clean community that's safe for people who love Jesus! 

  2. Rewards donors (only supporters get to see special content) 

  3. I post messages and photos here which only my supporters will see (community rule: please don't repost anywhere else)

  4. Raises awareness of ministry needs and opportunities to you who want to grow and move from being a consumer to contributor, or what I call prosumer! 

  5. Creates an online church community so we can hang out with people who are serious about discipleship and are preparing for our Lord's Second Coming. 

Discover Church Online offers some better solutions than Patreon: 

  1. It will not be censored and we will not be de-platformed.

  2. Donors will not lose 20% of your donation to administrative fees charged by Patreon. 

  3. Members can initiate posts to moderators and to each other. It’s about dialogue, not monologue. 

  4. You can post your own photos. In Patreon, you cannot post a photo of yourself, your family or your art. Now you can share photos inside your community! 

  5. You can add links to audio or video that play inside the app. 

  6. You can search all comments—yours & others. In Patreon, cannot search your own chats. 

  7. You can request access to special interest groups like: prayer, book club, volunteers, artists, etc.  

  8. You can delete your comments. In Patreon, you could not (once posted, it’s there forever). 

  9. No matter which community and/or courses you join, you will receive push notifications to one convenient app. 

To avoid paying Apple fees, you subscribe or become a member of online community via this website first, then you can download and use the mobile app. Same for Android users. (Instructions for the private app come after you’ve joined.) 


Welcome to my network of end-time servants of God!


Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

P.S. I will continue to be on Patreon for as long as I can. But when censorship intensifies, this will be the preferred way for us and our supporters to be safe and communicate. 

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