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Steve Cioccolanti to Your Church


I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker. In my role as a pastor for 24 years, I've invited many specialist speakers and worship leaders. Some flopped, while some left a lasting influence for years. 
I know the difference and what it takes to impart to people with love and power.

Given the times and circumstances we're living in regarding travel restrictions, I have the ability to speak at your event virtually via webcam.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks also for considering me. I am honored.

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Steve Cioccolanti is the author of five #1 bestselling books on Amazon, including Trump’s Unfinished Business and The Divine Code Vol 1 & Vol 2. His first book From Buddha to Jesus remains one of the most influential Christian books in Thailand. He is a Youtuber with over 50 million views, a prolific teacher of God’s Word and pastor of Discover Church in Australia and Discover Church Online. His ministry helps people discover Christ and makes the Bible real and relevant to them.

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"Steve Cioccolanti is my teacher. I followed his teachings on YouTube for years. I've heard many teachers of end times, I've interpreted for them, in my opinion, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti's end time teaching is the best.” 

Rev. Samuel Sia

Formerly Canon of the Anglican Church

Pastor of 1000-member St Stephen’s Church, Philippines

Translator of 7 of Derek Prince's books into Chinese


Recent Engagements

Previous Engagements

Date: 17 Sep 2023

City: The Village

Church: The Freedom Church

Pastor: Pastor Melvin & Pastor Paul Begley

Title: Justice 


Date: Oct 2023

City: Miami

Pastor: Clay Clarke 


Date: 5 Nov 2023

City: San Salvador 

Church: Luminares

Pastor: Ps Ricardo 

Title: 4 Horses Rev Timeline 


Date: 5 Nov 2023

City: San Salvador 

Church: Tai

Pastor: Rivas 

Title: 4 Horses Rev Timeline and Justice 


Date: 7 Nov 2023

City: San Salvador 

Pastor’s Meeting

Pastor: Pastor Louis, Pastor Ameriko, John

Title: Justice for the Nation 


Date: 9 Nov 2023

City: San Salvador 

Church: Peace

Pastor: Pastor 

Title: 4 Horses and Justice 


Date: 11 Nov 2022

City: Honduras 

Pastor and leader’s meeting 

Title: 4 Horses of Revelation, Gospel of the Kingdom


Date: 6 Dec 2023

City: Tulsa

Church: Sheridan Church

Pastor Jackson

Title: Q and A


Date: 7 Dec 2023

City: Tulsa

Church: Remnant Church

Pastor Leon

Title: Justice

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  • Lighthouse Evangelism — church of 12,000 in Singapore

  • Church of Our Savior — church of 5000 in Singapore

  • Crossway Baptist Church — church of 3000 in Australia

  • Bethany Singapore — church of 2500 in Singapore

  • Grace Assembly — church of 5000 in Malaysia

  • Trinity Community Centre — church of 500 in Malaysia

  • FGA Penang — church of 300 in Malaysia

  • Bethany Melbourne — church of 500 in Australia

  • FGA Melbourne — church of 250 in Australia

  • G.B.I. Jakarta and Medan — network of 300,000 Christians in Indonesia

  • GEKARI Church — denomination of 100+ churches in Indonesia

  • Grace Era Church — church of 200 in Thailand

  • The Haggai Institute — seminar for leaders in Thailand

  • Full Gospel Businessmen — various chapters internationally

  • Bethesda Cathedral — church of 2,000 in Singapore

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