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Just as every family needs a home, Discover Ministries has been renting many facilities, now the time has come for us to have our own home. We have fully utilized every facility and are believing God to build a church / ministry center with offices, professional recording studio, Bible school facilities, and a place of worship. This ministry has always depended on small donors, so no gift is too little!

LIFETIME MEMBER $10,000 or more
If you are touched to give more than $10K before October 2019, we will honor you with a lifetime membership to Pastor Steve's Master Class program (2 new videos per month) plus an exclusive one-on-one call from Pastor Steve Cioccolanti thanking you for your generosity.

BENEFACTOR CLUB $100,000 or more
For a gift of $100K and above before October 2019, Pastor Steve will meet you in person and show you the plans/ photos of the building as it progresses (subject to location and schedule). You will have access to streamed videos twice a month into the indefinite future, for as long as Vimeo and/or Discover Ministries is providing online services.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time at our sole discretion.

Our Partners Are Pillars that Give Us Strength to Build His People!

You have helped me and the Discover team take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. You have done it through Spirit-led prayer, financial support, and open doors that relationships bring. Where has the financial support gone? I want you to know that we walk in the fear of God and count it an honour to be able to steward Kingdom funds for His work. Our records are independently audited each year and presented to the Australian Tax Office. Through your giving, we have:


  • Fixed a roof for a Bible School in the Philippines

  • Sent relief for persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka

  • Bought a fridge for an orphanage in Malaysia

  • Sent relief for sufferers after the Boxing Day Tsunami

  • Distributed emergency funds for Australian families who lost homes to the bush fires of Black Saturday

  • Contributed towards a new van for one of the most effective evangelistic teams in Thailand

  • Supported missionaries throughout the world

You have also supported me and our team to go to over 35 nations in the world! As the time draws near to the Second Coming, we are increasing our travels to teach the Word and train Christians in effective evangelism. This is a great work that is requiring more of our time and resources. More than ever, we need your support.

As the years go by, we are not doing less, but MORE and MORE for the End Time Harvest. Everywhere I turn, I see more needs and more opportunities to help people, teach the Word and spread the Gospel. I can't do it without Jesus, but I also can't do it without you.

The Christian life is the most rewarding life. We suffer temporarily for eternal gains. I call my partners to keep praying, giving, loving and going!

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

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