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Almighty Lord, We come boldly to your throne-room to pray for the nation of America. Land of the free and home of the brave. A nation, with a proud Christian heritage founded on Your Word. Our money and our anthem state our motto: “In God we Trust.” 


And God, we do trust You. Please forgive us for allowing our beautiful nation to fall away from You. We have allowed abominable acts to be acceptable and we draw the line today, no more. Your Word says that if Your people would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, You would heal their land. So, we ask that You would cleanse us and forgive our idolatry, witchcraft and every kind of disobedience,


Righteousness and Justice are the foundations of Your Throne and we declare a new glorious, godly season is arising in America. We command all cycles of trouble, hinderances, warfare and deceit to cease in Jesus’ name. We demand those who have been plotting evil to be exposed and punished. We declare the new season being written over us is of peace, prosperity, blessings and restfulness. We are being empowered for increase, esteem and blessing. 


TODAY we decree we are filled with fresh insight to all that the Spirit is speaking in this hour. May heaven’s discernment and insight rest upon us. May our spiritual eyes and ears be anointed with fresh oil right now. We declare we will never be thwarted, deceived, or drawn off course by the entrapment of the enemy being laid out in this present hour. We break the power of every lying spirit of deception trying the ensnare God’s elect and we say that we shall see clearly in this season and know what heaven is saying. 


We thank you that we experience visions, dreams, insights, and encounters from the Throne. We say angelic movement occurs about us and that we are positioned to be God’s agents to decree, declare, and operate in the Spirit for this end time season. We declare nothing shall pull us off course or blind us from the truth and all that we are called to do shall be fulfilled in the authority of Jesus’ blessed name. 




Written by Jenny Holmes for the benefit of the Body of Christ. Free to duplicate but not to sell. Rights reserved by Discover Ministries.

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