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Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

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I’m passionate about helping people experience how true God’s Word is, how supernatural Christian life can be & how soon Jesus is going to return!

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

Steve Cioccolanti has a vision of making Jesus Christ real and relevant to millions online and offline. He has been a strong proponent of free speech and religious rights. He proposed in an Open Letter to the US President a comprehensive plan to break up the tech giants’ monopoly, give users control over their data, and create a Digital Bill of Rights.

Since 2000, he serves as senior pastor of Discover Church in Melbourne, Australia. His YouTube channel exploded when he taught about end time signs warning this generation of natural and man-made crises. These prophetic signs have since been confirmed by the Arab Spring 2010, Tohoku Earthquake 2011, rise of ISIS 2014, destruction of Syria 2015, Hurricane Harvey 2017, and the relocation of the US embassy to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem 2018. Pastor Steve predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory before he was selected as the Republican Presidential nominee (when pundits and polls were certain he had 0-1% chance of winning).

He has traveled to 50 nations as a Christian speaker and leads tours to Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as a Biblical guide. In 2017, he pioneered online church where you can get Christian mentoring, discipleship and fellowship via Discover Church Online. You can join this network of like-minded disciples who are activating their gifts for God and converting spiritual education into massive action for Jesus.

Online church was not birthed as a substitute for attending a physical church. Rather, it aims to 1) support leaders online 2) respond to the needs of disciples who — for whatever reason — are not attending church offline and 3) acknowledge that Christian experience is completely foreign to a growing percentage of people who participate less and less in traditional activities, and are active on the Internet more and more. The consequence of such a revolutionary change is that people today live more anonymous and unaccountable lives than previous generations. Pastor Steve is calling upon church leaders to join him in offering a Christian response to this trend and in showing believers how to live fully Christian lives online as well as offline.

Join Discover Church Online, where you can have church anywhere, any time!

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