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This tri-blend, premium quality T-Shirt is soft and comfortable with a slight stretch. It will not fade over time! The ladies option features an attractive V-neck, while the mens is a traditional crew neck style. 


N.B. T-shirts ordered after March 28 will likely arrive after April 8th!  It will be a conversation starter and memorabilia no matter when you wear or keep it!


Introducing the Limited Edition Eclipse T-Shirt – a wearable testament to a pivotal moment in history. Spark conversations wherever you venture with the impactful "Final Warning to America" shirt.


God's cautionary message is intricately woven over the continental United States through the celestial paths of three solar eclipses. The Alef and Tav, denoting the first and last letters in the Hebrew alphabet, symbolize both the commencement and conclusion. It's a divine narrative etched across the nation's skies, forewarning us of profound shifts.


History echoes with a chilling resonance – every TOTAL SOLAR eclipse over America has heralded subsequent catastrophic events. The correlation is undeniable, and the stakes are higher than ever.


1778-1780 | American Revolutionary War and Constitution 


1811-1812 | Louisiana hurricane, New Madrid Earthquakes along Mississippi and the brightest comet in history. The 2nd US war agains Britain + 3 South American countries declare independence! 


1860-1869 | Great solar storm, then the US Civil War


1878 | Russian-Turkish war, yellow fever outbreak in US 


1918 | WWI, Spanish flu kills 50-100M


1970-1979 | Vietnam War, 3 Mile Island- worst nuclear disaster in US history + 3 MAJOR earthquakes in South America


2017 | Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the 2nd and 3rd most costliest hurricanes in 1 year!


2024 | ??


This is not just a t-shirt; it's a symbol of America's Final Warning! The signs and wonders cannot be overstated; they demand attention and contemplation. Join the movement, embrace the urgency, and let your apparel speak volumes about the pivotal juncture we find ourselves in. Secure your Limited Edition Eclipse T-Shirt now and be a part of the conversation that matters.


Please allow 2 weeks for your shirt to ship. ** We'll do everything we can to get it to you before April 8th ** 

Eclipse T-Shirt

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