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Base your relationship on the Word of God for a harmonious marriage.


Marriage Enrichment does not mean that your marriage is in trouble. Marriage Enrichment is for all married couples who desire to base their relationship on the Word of God and want some tools and skills to achieve a harmonious marriage.


As with all counselling, you will get out what you put in. Understanding the main areas you'd like to address and doing your 'homework' after each session will result in better outcomes for you.


This service is run by a trustworthy and qualified Christian counsellor and/or pastor. Their role is to facilitate a peaceful conversation and action plans--it will be up to you to implement them!


Marriage Enrichment includes 4 private sessions. Each session runs for 40 minutes via online conferencing, telephone call and/or personal appointment where possible.


N.B. The Marriage Enrichment is available exclusively to online church members or supporters of this ministry. To gain access, first select a monthly subscription. There are 3 tiers: member, collaborator and Inner Circle. Then the Marriage Enrichment will be available to you.

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Marriage Enrichment

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